Friday, 22 August 2008


Summer Jump this year was so much fun....

The first week of the holidays was definately an actioned pack one. The first day of Jump was the start of our treasure hunting week. With National Treasure as our theme this time we had loads of treasures to give away. With nearly 200 kids turning up the first day there were many children made new friends and there was a great buzz everywhere you went.

On Monday afternoon loads of you found the treasure in Kool Kids - 'Call on me and I will answer' God is always listening to us and loves when we talk to him.

Tuesday was a day of new things too. After we had finished Jump over 130 of us went through to the cinema to see Prince Caspian. We had a great time and finished off the avo with a McDonalds.

During the week loads of kids were given a treasure token to go into the Treasure Trove and a few were allowed to enter the Treasure had great prizes.

Don't worry Jump isn't finished for the year, in October we have another Jump planned. It's going to take place during the first week of the holidays........we'll let you know more details nearer the time.

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