Tuesday, 2 June 2009


is happening at
JUMP Monday 6th - Friday 10th of July, 10am-12pm.
Jump is K-NL's holiday kids club.
It's a great week of games, sports, arts & crafts, singing, Bible stories, prizes and lots of fun.
This year our theme is Broch's Got Talent
and theres a chance for everyone to be invovled.
Kids it's going to be amazing.
So what's all going to happen?
Will take place on Friday the 3rd of July, 6-8pm. Come along to the church on Friday evening ready to perform your act. Then you just need to go through the 3 stages....
1. Register your act & collect your number.
2. Wait in the holding area until you are called.
3. Perform in front of the judges.
Easy as can be, it should be no bother at all.
Seeing the acts
Just like the TV series you will have to the chance to watch the auditions. Each act will be recorded by video camera so we can show clips at JUMP. Every day we'll see some auditions on the big screen as well as a few acts performing live.
The Winning Act.
There will be a few awards categories - Singing, Funniest, Talented, Unusual and some more, however there will be one overall winner. The winning act will have the opportunity to perform down at Fraserburgh Beach Swings at our Jump Family BBQ - it's going to be amazing.
So what can you do now????? Get yourself organised for Broch's Got Talent. What kind of act are you going to have, will you perform yourself or are you teaming up with friends. You can perform yourself, with a friend or go in a group - it's up to you. Decide what your going to do for your acts and get practising.
If you have any questions please write them in the comment box below and I'll get the answer back to you quickly. Kids this is a great opportunity for you to get invovled and show off your talent.


rj1234 said...

hi broch's got talent still on cuz val was there but i whnted to go agen and also i love glo by owan suds

Anonymous said...

hi how is glo is there going to be new games and also so tell ben & val to make new games for glo.