Wednesday, 17 September 2008


It's been absolutely fabulous having the team from Sefton Village come over and visit us here in Scotland.

If you were at Glo on Friday you would have met 2 of the guys and if you made the Prayer Breakfast you would of met all 5 guys including Mark.

Sefton Village t-shirts are available at Lazers, Rangers, Glo & Kids Church, today they are being modelled by Libby & Milly. Don't they just look great.

Have a look through the photos and see what design you'd like.
All money goes towards helping towards the cost of building new churches over in the Philippians.
£8 for children £10 for adults

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ET-xo said...

Amazing website, love the Sefton Village t-shirts. Libby looks like a real model n Libby looks REALLY CUTE!!! By the way Lisa great Photo. Love from Eirinn Taylor xXx