Friday, 5 September 2008

What a night..........

Well did you make it?

Glo is back & what a start to the year.

Fun, Games, Prizes, Songs & of course most importantly a little bit about Jesus.

Do you remember what we said Jesus was?....

Yep, that's right .....Jesus is the light of the world.
Jesus is so amazing, we're going to be learning more about Him as the weeks go on. Just like light helps us to find our way around our houses, streets and towns Jesus can help us live our lives to the best.

Did you enjoy the games this evening?

Destiny did a great job and won the cup stacking event.

It was our first Glo Olympic Event. One competitor was choosen from each team, the task was to see how fast they could stack 10 cups.

Destiny holds the Glo Olympic record at the moment......I wonder what will happen next week.

Remember you can practice at home but use plastic cups.

The Toilet Roll Unrolling event was just as exciting.

It's a boy v girl event. I could believe it Bartec was so quick, well done.

He is in first place this week......again it could all change next week.

Well guys that's all for tonight. Did you enjoy Glo? I loved it. It was great seeing all you kids there having lots of fun. Keep watching the blog, the competition will be posted by Monday..............

I hope you have a great weekend,

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