Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Hi there, I hope you've having a great day.
We all have people in our lives who are heros to us.
It might be someone in your family, a friend, a neighbour even an animal......
It's great to say thank you to those who you look up to and help you out.
Heros is our theme at the moment. We are looking for you to tell us who your hero is.
Write us a letter, tell us who your heros is and why and we will try and arrange for them to come along so we can let them know how special they are to you.
Last week we had Lauren letting her Uncle Mark(in the photo) know he was her Hero at Glo
and at Kids Church William let his Dad know he was his Hero.
Kids if you want to let your Hero know they're special and amazing get writting your letter and post it through the Church postbox or give it to me.
We all have a Hero or two out there!
Happy writting!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hello - just popped by to say 'Hello'. Will come back and look at your blog as it looks fun.