Friday, 2 October 2009

Who is your hero?

Wow, what a night!
Lots and lots of letters have come in about your heros,
from friends to family, animals to superheros
it's great to hear from you all and we're going to try and bring as many Heros to Glo as we can.

I had a lovely surprise tonight.
Georgia wrote a letter telling us I was her Hero cause she wants to tell people
about Jesus when she's older too.
Thank you Georgia, it was such a privillage tonight to receive the Hero certificate from you.
It's a great honour to get to tell people about Jesus and I know you'll do a great job telling others about Him when your older.

Amy had great fun with our Ruby outfit this evening.

So much fun.

I hope you've a great week, keep the letters coming in and

we'll keep the heros coming along to Glo.

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W McCallum said...

Sounds like you have a fab wee club going there. I used to hold a children's club called "The Challenger Club" on a Friday night some years ago (before I was married). I loved it. Have you heard of 'Child Evangelism Fellowship'? I used a lot of their materials. Still have them up in the loft...