Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Wednesday Jump

So how's your day been?
I'd a great time at Jump, it was so much fun.

It was a great day for football even though we did lose a few footballs as the morning went on!!!

Juice and crisps were served so that we were refreshed and ready to Jump, Jump and Jump some more.After we were fed and watered it was time for games, challenges, dvd clips and so much fun.

The girls won the bolt challenge again and they also won they also won the Shocking challenge - they were on a roll today.

The boys were ready for the girls with the beach balls and they're Jumping was amazing. Points today

Boys- 65 Girls - 105

It's getting close to the water balloon fight, who knows who will end up winning.

Tomorrow it's off we have Jump as normal then it's off to the Foam Factory in Aberdeen. Kids it's going to be a great day, hope your coming!!


Anonymous said...

hiya its shannon here can you plz put on a picture of megan nathan and me plz we would much appreciate it thanx a bunch

Anonymous said...

jump wiz amazin lisa ur amazin in say is god!!!! lisa i was wondering can i be a leader too!!!!