Thursday, 7 January 2010

Don't you just love the snow!!!!!!

Can you believe how much snow we have, it's amazing and am loving it.
No School
Long lies
Snow ball fights
It's a great way to start 2010.
Speaking about Snowmen,
K-NL's Snowman Competition is now on!
I am looking for the best Snowman.
All you need to do is......
find some snow
build a snowman,
make sure you have eyes, nose, etc,
take a photo of you snowman (& you can go in the photo too!)
Send it along to me -
and I'll post it on the blog for everyone to see
The winning Snowman builder/builders will receive a RED PRIZE CARD.
Everyone who build a snowman and sends in a photo will receive a Green Prize Card table, yes EVERYONE who enters the snowman competition.
As you can see William and Aimee have already entered.
And Aimee your friend can easily come to Glo,
everyone's welcome.

So folks, get building and send your photos in.
Have a great snow day


Heather Hepburn said...

Ethan Hepburn says "yes he loves the snow"
we have just been sitting in our igloo having our tea hopefully weel get a snowman built imorn

Remember sledging is not just for the bairns its for the oldies too!!!

Kids - No Limits said...

I'd love to see your igloo, please send in any photos.
Am with you, sledging is for everyone, the snow is just so much fun. & getting off school is a bonus.
Hope you have fun building the snowman.