Friday, 8 October 2010

Hamster Happiness

What a night, 2 goldfish, a hamster and a penguin all have new owners this evening!

Well done to everyone who won a pet tonight.

Ethan was the first person to win a pet this evening, he choose the hamster.
It's a lovely long haired hamster and he is so cute.

Ethan and Dana will do a great job looking after him.

Ben was the next person to win an animal this evening and he choose the goldfish, I'm sure we'll see a picture with him and the fish soon.

Last to win a pet this evening was Sean. It was a tough decision to decide what pet he was going to adopt. How do you pick between a shark, turtle, seal or penguin? Tough choice. Sean decided he'll like a penguin - good decision.

That's the end of the pets for this term.

Don't worry though Pets for Prizes is not over at Glo. Next term, after the October holidays Pets for Prizes will once again be happening at Glo

1 comment:

hepburn1972 said...

Ethan and Dana love the Hamster so much- we've been to the pet shop and spoilt him

After some debating Ethan has finally decided to name him..................ALFIE