Friday, 15 October 2010


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs was our theme for Jump this year. We had so much fun with it, where do I start? The meatball challenge was such a laugh. Everyday 4 boys and 4 girls raced against each other to see who could find the most meatballs into the flour! Yes flour!!!!
Whether you won or lost if you were playing the game your face changed coloured and texture!!!As well as our meatball challenge we had an invention challenge.
All week you folks have been designing, glueing, sticky, covering and painting all kinds of fantastic inventions.We've loved the machine that freezes sisters, a Sweetie Safe, Juicer, Parachutes, Sweet Buster, Rockets, Guitar, Cars, Hot Air Balloons, Machines you can order food from, ones that deliever your shopping, others that brings pictures to life! My goodness the creativity was second to none this week. I think we had the best inventions this year for the whole of Scotland.
On Sunday we are announcing the winning invention at our family night.
Wait and see who wins - your going to love the invention.

Jump was also filled with songs, prizes, we learned about Joseph from the Bible and how we need to trust in God through the good and hard times.

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