Friday, 18 March 2011


Were you at Glo this evening?

We had so much fun, the guys that came in still dressed up from Comic Relief were so funny. I loved the Clowns - St Fergus School must of been so much fun today you guys looked great. Kelly I hope you get all the tugs out of your hair - it was crazy!

The first challenge was the cream doughnut challenge - Aimee West you did an amazing job of eating the doughnut - watch the clip and see how fast it disappears.

We've been learning about having a good foundation these last couple of weeks and building our lives on Jesus.

This week we were looking at Grace. We look at different types of grace

A ballet dancer needs grace

Girls are called Grace

We say Grace before we eat

And there's God Grace - God's forgiveness & goodness to us that we don't deserve.

We had a little leaders competition to see what leader was the best, Colin and Tracy went head to head - First challenge Singing, here's Colin.

I think Tracy won the point for the singing - although Colin's singing was unforgettable her version of Dancing Queen was amazing.

Have you ever seen dancing as energetic and enthusiatic as Colin's moves here. We loved it at Glo - can you guess what song it is? You can hardly hear the music for cheering, we were all so excited and Tracy was too busy laughing to dance.

Kung Fu Fighting was the song - good times.

You know although we had a leader challenge this evening we don't go around Glo thinking this is the best leader, 2nd best and so on - all our leaders do a great job and they are all valued.

God doesn't list us all in order from who's best behaved to who's worst. God is a God of love and He loves us all the same, whether we are someone who finds it easy to behave or not. God gives us His grace - His forgiveness and goodness in our lives no matter what we have done, how we've behaved at school. When we believe it Him, live for Him and worship Him God pours out His Grace on us, His goodness even though we don't deserve it .

How Great is our God.

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