Wednesday, 30 March 2011


K-NL is once again collecting Tesco vouchers.

These vouchers help us to build up the equipment we have at Church,

we share the vouchers with the Parent & Toddler group.

Over the last few years we've managed to get:

6 Scooter boards - they are so much fun.

Volleyball Net (We use it at Jump)

Loads of giant beachballs.

Crafts - glue; sticky stuff; wiggly eyes and stuff like that.

The Loud hailer

Badminton Nets

Space Markers & Holder

Quoits Game


A Giant Caterpillar for the toddlers

Tricycles for toddlers

Trampoline for toddlers

And some other bits and bobs.

Please can you save your vouchers for us so we are able to get

some more amazing things for you to play with.

We need all the vouchers we can get.

Thanks for helping us out.

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