Saturday, 2 April 2011

Royal Rangers and Lazers

Royal Rangers and Lazers was so much fun on Thursday night. The hall was full of inflatables: Bouncy Boxing, Bouncy Castles and Ball Pool Pit.

It was none stop fun!

The Primary 1 - 3 had a great time jumping in the ball pool pit, hiding under the balls and playing with friends.The bouncy castles were great fun for trying out forward rolls,jumping so high and bouncing into friends. The bouncy boxing was great fun, best out of three won the game - it was non stop all night.

The Primary 4 - 7s were crazy. It was 90 minutes of fun, fun and more fun. The ball pool room was only for the very brave. The balls were flying everywhere, the adults seemed to be the targets and the children didn't give them a break - it was crazy.

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