Wednesday, 12 November 2008

A Time To Give....

I hope you are doing well today.
Mark from Sefton Village is wondering if anyone from K-NL can help some of the boys in the children's home over in the Philippians.

Pepito & Jaylord don't have any Game Boys to play with over there, and Mark was wondering if any children from K-NL might have a Game Boy & games that they're not using (maybe it's even up the loft) that you would like to give to the boys over in Sefton Village.

The children don't get a lot of toys and games, not like a lot of the kids over here in Scotland so the boys would be given the Game Boys on Christmas day as an extra special Christmas Present.

If you do have an old Game Boy & games that you no longer use and would like to give it away to the kids in Sefton Village for an extra special Christmas Present please bring it along to Church with you. We will then give it to a family who are going out to visit Sefton next month and the children will get them in time for Christmas.
If you've any questions please phone the Church...01346 511441

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Mark said...

Hi Lisa & Gang ...

You guys are the best!!!!

Thanks so much for all your kindness ... Pepito will be so happy!

Bless ya!