Thursday, 11 December 2008

Party, party today and party, party tomorrow.

Wow.....what a day.
For all those who were partying with us today we hope you had a great time.
Primary 2 & 3 were first to come along and enjoy the Christmas celebrations. After musical bumps and pass the parcel we sat down for a bit to eat before getting back to the games.
We sang Jingle Bells very loud and no Santa walked into the hall!!!
Yes, we waited and waited and no one appeared. Sean and Scott were very brave and went to see if Santa had gone for a walk and they found .................SANTA IN HIS SPECIAL ROOM........
Yes there was Santa sitting waiting for us and we were sitting waiting for Santa - what a mix up.
Santa's room was amazing, did you enjoy it?
The lights, the fireplace, the snowmen, the trees, the naughty and nice list, the presents and of course SANTA - I think it was great.

Santa is here with two of his helpers.

After an exciting party with the Primary 2 & 3's it was time for the Primary 6 & 7s to arrive.

Priscilla started us off with a Christmas Classic - Balloons & String. This year is was boys v girls. It's such a great game with people stamping their feet all over the place while balloons are bursting. Next we had the 'love' all the boys ran away. I was chasing boys out of the toilets......and after they all came back and Priscilla changed the name of the game everybody joined in.

After eating it was time for another Christmas Classic - Happy Families.

Everyone went through to see Santa, before heading home - we had a blast.

We if you're reading this and it's your turn for partying today - come ready to have a great time.
Pre-school - P1 party starts at 3.30-5pm and then the Primary 4 - 5 party starts at 5.15 -7pm.

ALSO THE FAMILY CHRISTMAS SERVICE IS ON SUNDAY 14TH, starting at 6pm. Kids it's going to be great fun, I hope to see you there. I'll tell you more about it tomorrow.

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