Saturday, 20 December 2008

K-NL out and about.

I thought we'd have pics from around the villages today...


These guys are great, coming to all the K-NL activities, they are always up for a laugh. The Belger bus stop was in the first 7 stops we did, they've been good supporters of Glo, and always scream at the Bus Driver Brian when he puts off the lights!


This is our newest bus stop at Glo. It's been great seeing the Rosehearty Kids coming in the bus door at Glo, they always make for the front row in the blue team. Theses guys are so friendly and have even offered the Bus Driver in for her coffee.....she's nae had time yet but I'm sure one day she'll make it.


These guys travel 8 miles to come along to Glo every week. They do a great job in the Yellow Team, always jumping high, singing loud and always up for a game or two.

Aye, we've even got folk from Memsie who come along faithfully every week, Lazers, Rangers, Glo & Kids Church these guys are there.

There are others children too from other places too, we put add them to our blog another day. I hope your enjoying the first official day of your holidays. Remember Kids Church is on tomorrow - I hope to see you there. Pastor Steve is looking for some help.....he needs some angels, a Mary, a Joseph, and a baby! Any idea what he's going to be talking about????
Well hope you've a great day and remember only 5 sleeps to go!!!!

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