Saturday, 13 December 2008

Friday's Parties....

Yesterday was another busy day for Santa and all at the AoG in Fraserburgh. We had another 2 parties and everyone had a great time.

Our first party was for the Primary 1's and those who are not old enough for school yet. Vicki started the party with an old, duck goose, it was so much fun. After a few more games we all sat down to have some food before we played some more. We sang Jingle Bells and Santa didn't come! Emma was feeling brave and went to look for Santa for us. We were so excited when she found him, he was sitting downstairs waiting for us.

Our next party was for Primary 4 & 5, it was maybe the last party but it was packed full of kids. You guys in Primary 4 & 5 know how to party, it was so much fun. The musical arms was won by Nikki & Ethan - they can run fast! The competitive Primary 4 & 5's gave 100% to the 'Bring Me' game. Each team bought the objects asked for as quickly as possible, at the end of the game the Primary 5 girls won by one point. Well done!

Again we stopped for a while and ate some food before we went back to partying. After some more games we all got to go down and meet Santa. Check out the photos below.

Santa did a great job for us, he worked really hard giving out lots of presents and posing for loads of photos. Jessica & Elisha gave Santa a little present for himself before he left to go home.

Below is Santa and his helpers (Katrina, Julie & Amy) just before he left. K-NL wants to thank Julie & John for all their hard work building and decorating the set for Santa's Special Room - it was great.

Tomorrow we have our

K-NL Christmas Family Service
@ 6pm
Fraserburgh AoG
Kids it's going to be a great evening. The Kids Band will be leading us in the carols, Pre-schoolers are singing Away in a Manger & Christmas is a Time, Primary 1-7 are Jumping for Joy, 'So Real' is dancing, we have a Family Challenge and a the very funny 'Christmas Rewind' play which the young Glo leaders are performing. Guys it's going to be a great evening so try and come along.

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