Friday, 31 October 2008


What a night...did you enjoy it? Rats, Cooks, Food - it was all good. Can you recognise the blue rat??? Underneath all the wool is Sean - how amazing is his costume!
Ross & I were the first cooks in the building so we stopped for a quick photo before everyone else arrived.

We had a fantastic evening at Glo this week,

Loads of you came dressed up and you all looked amazing, we managed to catch a few of you on camera so see if you can stop yourself or your friends - some folk might be difficult to recognise.

The Orginals....lots you had put a lot of thought into your costume - here are a few pics of the those who were

Jordan looked great with his Rat Tait Soup - remember the bar code!!!
And Shannon was Chef Gusteau - great outfit...

And what about the OXO CUBE TWINS.
Lauren & Catie did a great job managing to keep their cubes on for the whole of Glo. Yes they danced, sang, listened and join in the fun with those huge boxes on!
The Older Girls looked great and Emma's homemade cakes were amazing. I managed to eat mine before Emile nibbled it first.

Above we have our the winners from Glo last night. Don't they look great.

Rosehearty Bus Stop - Don't these guys look great. Everyone on the Rosehearty bus stop was dressed you - Salt & Pepper, Cooks, Rats - you folks did a great job.

More importantly how much worth have you given Jesus since Glo?

Remember the verse: I will extol the Lord at all times, His praise will continually be in my mouth, Psalm 34 verse 1.

Let's see how much we can praise Jesus this week - whether we're having a good or bad day - Jesus deserves the BEST.

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