Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The Amazing Jump Adventure.......

The Foam Factory....

. . We had a great time today at the faom factory in Aberdeen, it was so much fun!!!!!
Did you enjoy yourself this avo? The foam factory was amazing, balls were flying about everywhere - it was fun, fun, fun.
The bowling was loads of fun too! Kyuss managed to score 81 points - the highest I heard of, do you know anyone who scored more?

These kids below take a few seconds to stop for a photo before the got back to throwing balls at me.........they just didn't stop and they were so fast I couldn't get away from them - they kept finding me. They look like lovely kids but if you're in the foam factory with them out......they'll chase you until they hit you with the balls and they ain't slow....

Nicola was loading up here so she could blast some kids on the floor - so much fun!!!

I hope you had loads of fun if you came along with us today.

The food, foam factory & bowlingo was great. It was great spending the the whole day with you guys, I really enjoyed myself and I hope you did too.

See you tomorrow at JUMP

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