Saturday, 18 October 2008

JUMP....What a fantastic week.


What a great week at JUMP.
Football, pool, volleyball, face painting, wii, skateboarding, crafts, cakes and more cakes - it was just so much fun. Below are some of shots of the week, can you see yourself?

Ratatouille was great theme to have for the week. Darren won THE MOUSE CHALLENGE with a time of 17.1 seconds - just beating Craig - Well doon Darren.Splat the rat was so much fun and we all loved the mouse scurrying game - you guys can move fast on those boards!

Below are the prize winners of the Ratatouille competition. For the boys Jed won the golf clubs & Jack and Jack won the Inflatable goal sets. For the girls Lara won the MP3 player and Kristin won the Bratz Fashion Bus.

I still can hardly believe the girls won for the week, it was so close. The girls got their waterballoons and did a great job of soaking the boys. Who do you think it'll be next time?


ET-xo said...

The GIRLS are so gan 2 win next time cuz the boys are going down!!!

Anonymous said...

Do you think the girls i'll win next time? Please leave your name under each comment so I ken who it is, Lisa

Anonymous said...

lisa fin it sayed well donne darren for i rat challenge it sayed well doon

Anonymous said...

up are