Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Glo in Ghana and lots more!

After 10 days away to Ghana we arrived home on Wednesday, back in time for all the kids activities this weekend - am so excited.
Many things in Ghana look very different to what we're used to in Scotland. The houses are very basic, you know most homes don't have electricity or taps that you turn to get water from!!!
These children collected the water from the well and have walked over half a mile uphill with these bowls full of water on their heads. Can you imagine doing that everday???
During our time in Ghana the team were able to visit and help out at lots of different places. The first place we stopped at was an Orphanage which had a farm and a school. Here Rachel & Kerri are looking after some of the babies.
These babies had been left in hospital by their parents, the orphanage does a great job looking after the kids

Our next stop was Osenase. There we were helping out in another orphanage, a newly built school as well as helping out on a farm.

Below is a picture of the kitchen in the orphanage - yes they cook all the meals in the this tin building which is falling apart. They really need a new kitchen and hopfully this year we will manage to raise enough money to help them build a new kitchen. Mavis and Sarah, the cooks, told me it's very difficult to cook when it's raining the rain flows in through the bottom and puts out the fire which they cook on.
Below are the children who live at the orphange.
When we were at Osenase we also helped at the school. Sanding blackboards, building computer desks, assembly and lots more.
When the work was finished for the day we enjoyed spending time with the children. Here it's Ghana v Scotland at football. The kids here are playing with no shoes on and they were very good!!! The main reason we went to Ghana was to give out Children's Bibles to children. We visited many schools and kids clubs and over the 10 days gave out over 1,400 Bibles. The children were always delighted when they recevied this amazing book. Some places we went there was only 30 kids and in other places there were over 680!! Glo in Ghana was so much fun. The kids loved the songs, games and learning about Jesus.
Thanks to everyone who was praying for us during our time away, Jesus kept us safe and led us everyday.
Would you like to go and tell people about Jesus in other country when your older? It's possible for everyone of you guys to grow up and go into different parts of the world and spread the news about Jesus - I hope you go and do it one day.

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