Tuesday, 3 March 2009

So excited, I'm going to GLO on Friday.

Hi there, I hope you are well.
I have really missed GLO the past two weeks,

Two weeks ago I went to visit some kids in London who love Jesus. Sarah and I flew down the time you guys were at Glo hearing about Jesus and he whats happening in Sefton Village.
I took this photo after Church on Sunday, we went for a little wonder around London. We walked for hours, it was amazing seeing the London Eye and Big Ben, they're massive!! Last week Ann-Marie, Grace, Ann & I were away to a confernce to learn more about Jesus.
We had a great time but we missed Glo and Kung-Fu Panda. We never even sung Tell the World when we away, I think we'll have to do that one on Friday.
I'm so excited this week. I'M GOING TO GLO THIS WEEK.
It's going to be good to see you all again. We have so much packed into the programme on Friday it's going to be a great evening.
Does anyone have any songs they'd like to sing?
Well guys I hope to see you Friday

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