Friday, 20 March 2009

Hello from Ghana.....yes I'm in Africa!!!

I can't believe i've missed another Glo.
Did you enjoy Glo this evening?
Tonight I'm writing this blog from Ghana......yes I'm in West Africa.
So far we've given out over 850 Bibles to children.
For many of these children it is the only book they own. Can you imagine only having 1 book????? But you know something if I was only allowed to choose one book in the whole world it would be the BIBLE. I love God's word - do you?
We've visited 2 orphanges and loads of schools as well as churches.
I'll try to upload some pictures so you can see what we've been up to.
The kids clubs here are very different, most places only have one lightbulb in the church, no glass windows just bricks with holes in them and no cd player or projector to show the words for the songs.
Can you imagine being in our Church with just one light bulb?
Also every now and then you see a bug or a lizard - they lizards run away from me but the bugs are trying to bite.
On Saturday and Sunday we are doing Glo in Ghana, am so excited. There can be up to 500 children there and hopefully not 500 bugs!
Please pray for us.
We want to tell as many boys and girls about Jesus as we can, and pray that they read their Bibles too.
I hope you doing well and have had a great week.
I'll be back to Glo next week and look forward to seeing you all then.

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